tungsten rhenium alloy wire
tungsten rhenium wire
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Tungsten Rhenium Wire

Tungsten rhenium wire is tungsten rhenium alloy wire, made by metal rhenium powder and tungsten powder. Through production processes. such as forging etc. with powder metallurgy technology.Tungsten rhenium wire are mainly used for the production of dual tungsten rhenium wire, electrode of high-performance lamp, electrodes of laser and cathode of electron tube etc.

The wires is solid, round, smooth and be free of weld joints, slivers, kinks, pits or nicks exceeding 5 % of diameter . Tungsten rhenium wire surface is uniformly clean and free of discoloration. The thermo elements is heat treated to provide the specified ductility.

Tungsten rhenium wire is the most common material used to produce heaters for dispenser cathodes. Performance variation may be attributable to a range of factors, including cold work and rhenium content variation.

Tungsten rhenium wires Tungsten rhenium wire

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